The wines

How long does the wine in the Poppins keep?

We bottle the Poppins in an inert sealed atmosphere and cap them using the same technology as a modern winery. They'll be fine for a week or two (in our tests some wines went as far as three months). We suggest drinking them within a couple of days of them landing!


Where is my delivery?

Your delivery should arrive on the Thursday of your delivery week. On occasion it may arrive on the Friday. If it hasn't arrived by then please get in touch with us at customerhelpers@poppinandvine.com and we'll help get it fixed quickly.

Why wasn't my delivery left in a safe place?

Your delivery should be posted through your letterbox or left somewhere safe. If it is not please check that it hasn't been left with or taken in by a neighbour. If you still can't find it let us know and we'll help put things right.

What if the Poppin box doesn't fit through my letterbox?

The Poppin box is designed to fit through most letterboxes - but occasionally won't get through safely. If that's the case the delivery driver will attempt to deliver to you, leave it in a safe place, or leave it with a neighbour.


Can I change my subscription from monthly to fortnightly or vice versa? Or change whether I want reds, whites, or a mixutre?

Yes! You can do this by accessing your subscription through the 'View Subscription' link in your subscription confirmation email, or by logging into your account. 

To change your subscription, in the Items section select Edit, then Add item. You will see all the available options to pick from. Add the option your prefer and then click Save. It takes a few moments for the changes to take effect. The 'Place Your Order' button will show as active and you can select that option when it is available.

How do I pause, cancel or restart my subscription?

Access your subscription through the 'View Subscription' link in your subscription confirmation email, or by logging into your account. You can pause, cancel or restart your subscription here.


My Poppins arrived broken or leaking!

If your Poppin bottles are damaged or leaking, please take a photograph of them with your customer number or order reference, and send it to us at customerhelpers@poppinandvine.com. We'll arrange for another pack to be sent out to you as soon as possible. In the meantime please be very careful handling and disposing of the pack if the glass is broken.